Koondoola Park: Concrete Footpath, Civil Works, Project Management

20 March 2018

The City of Wanneroo chose Dowsing for upgrade works to the existing Koondoola Public Park to add a dual use concrete footpath within the park to provide better connection for the surrounding community to the Koondoola ...
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Advantages of Recycled Asphalt Paving in the Road Profiling Process

23 February 2018

The effects of climate change and the need to limit damage to the environment means that every industry needs to take on the responsibility of reducing its impact on the environment.  Among other measures, the ...
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How to resurface a road without upsetting the residents

16 February 2018

When your road profiling project is in an existing built environment it is absolutely essential to use a contractor that knows how to resurface a road without upsetting the residents.
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9 ways to use a Road Profiling machine

15 December 2017

Road profiling machines are used to remove asphalt and concrete surfaces to create an even, relatively smooth base for the construction of a new surface. The machines use advanced technology to remove material to a ...
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