Koondoola Park: Concrete Footpath, Civil Works, Project Management

20 March 2018


The City of Wanneroo chose Dowsing for upgrade works to the existing Koondoola Public Park to add a dual use concrete footpath within the park to provide better connection for the surrounding community to the Koondoola Community Centre.

The scope of works included all civil and construction work, as well as overall project management to provide a turnkey solution to the City.

With Dowsing's previous experiences working with local governments around WA we have a keen understanding of working within an existing community. So, we looked for a construction solution that would cause the least amount of disruption as possible to the local community and park users.

We decided to use our profiling machine to remove the turf as it would allow us to work quickly and in a defined and contained area. The profiling machine works to precisely strip top layers of surfaces, and is more commonly used to remove asphalt and other materials from roads in the resurfacing process.

road-profiling-machine-in-public-park-preparing-for-concrete-footpath.jpgAs well as containing the works within a smaller area, using our profiling machine to remove the surface in preparation for the dual use concrete footpath required less labour for the job, which allowed us to cut a day from the original anticipated timeframe. 

finished-concrete-footpath-constructed-by dowsing-using-profiling-machine.jpgWe are also pleased to say that no complaints were received from the community during the project. 

Using our internal resources and scheduling, we were able to offer a turnkey, efficient solution which covered every part of the project, including reticulation re-installments.

As we offered an entire solution, it meant that the City of Wanneroo did not have to dedicate its own resources to manage any aspect of the project.


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