Collie Motorplex: Slipform Concrete Crash Barriers

07 March 2018

Dowsing Groups slipform concrete machine and concrete truck

Collie Motorplex, a racing organisation in WA’s South West, was undertaking an extension to its race track and needed approximately 910 metres of new concrete crash barriers. The crash barriers needed to be compliant with strict safety guidelines set out by the governing bodies, Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) and Motorcycling Australia (MA).

Dowsing was approached for advice on the design and construction of the concrete barrier.

slipfrom concrete innovation

The original plan for the Motorplex showed a traditional concrete formwork solution, which for the length of barrier needed would have been relatively costly and time consuming to construct.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 8.12.31 amWorking with our client Coalcliff, we came up with an alternative proposal to construct the crash barrier using slipform concrete for a faster and more cost effective outcome. The alternative design was approved by project engineering consultant Calibre.

Laying the crash barriers using slipform application was a great cost and time effective solution but, it did create a couple of interesting challenges.



Design Challenge - Steepness of the Barrier Wall

The angle of the crash barrier wall presented a design challenge as it was vertically steeper than provided for by standard slipform moulds. We overcame this challenge by custom designing and creating a mould for the barrier to suit the Motorplex and to meet CAMS and MA safety regulations.

Using this custom solution meant some adaptations had to be made on site, which resulted in only 25 meters of slipform concrete being laid on the first day of construction. However, Dowsing’s experienced team quickly adapted to the new design and their investment in the outcome meant the rest of the project went as planned and was completed faster than a traditional approach would have allowed.

Logistical CHALLENGE - distance from a concrete plant

The Collie Motorplex's location in the South West of Western Australia also presented a logistical challenge as there are no concrete plants nearby. This was the first time a slipform concrete project had been undertaken so far from a concrete plant.

Dowsing worked closely with Boral Ltd to ensure enough concrete trucks were provided in a steady stream to site so that there were no delays to the project timeline.

The successful Outcome

Dowsing's ability to work with our client at the design stage meant we were able to find an innovative alternative solution to the original plan and tailor the design specifically to their needs.

By using the slipform concrete solution, the Motorplex saved a significant amount of time and cost when compared to the originally planned traditional formwork solution.

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