Case study: Newman Townsite drainage Infrastructure Upgrade

26 March 2018


Dowsing undertook Stage 2 of the upgrade to the Newman Townsite drainage infrastructure on behalf of the Shire of East Pilbara. The project involved removal of old infrastructure (stormwater pipes, pits, footpaths and kerbs) and construction of 1.3km of new stormwater infrastructure.

The project was undertaken in seven weeks in two stages (either side of Christmas) and in four main work areas.

We are able to mobilise and do regional work quickly, but it’s critical to have the right staff and equipment. We scheduled a 10 man work crew and took all machinery to the site. In total we mobilised 22 semi trailer loads of drainage infrastructure and equipment.

As a contingency, we decided to take up an extra excavator to allow for any unforeseen below ground work and mitigate the risk of any delays in the project timeline.

dowsing-working-on-Newman-Townsite-drainage-infrastructure-upgradeIn addition to working with the Shire, it was necessary to consult regularly with BHP Billiton. We obtained permits and safety inspections were held regularly by BHP near their assets.

One of the work areas was in proximity to a local primary school which required the traffic management plan to take into account the reasonable amount of traffic flowing through at points during the day.

We completed the job on time and under budget. There were no complaints from the residents or businesses.

Dowsing is able to manage regional work anywhere in Western Australia. To do this effectively, we have the resources and the right people and equipment to do the work in a timely and cost effective way.

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